setup libraries for chez scheme

Since I finally figure out how to set up these, I record them and provide some convenience common setup.

It's all about environment variable: CHEZSCHEMELIBDIRS, it's a common shell path list in <path>:<path>:<path>:... format.

First, create a directory under homepath named chezscheme-lib.

1. Nanopass

Now, you have a directory named chezscheme-lib under homepath. You can get nanopass framework from github.

git clone [email protected]:nanopass/nanopass-framework-scheme.git

Then run

export CHEZSCHEMELIBDIRS="$HOME/chezscheme-lib/nanopass-framework-scheme/:"

Now (import (nanopass)) will work.

2. srfi

I found a srfi for chez on github, as you just do, first clone it.

git clone [email protected]:arcfide/chez-srfi.git

One more step required

./chez-srfi/install.chezscheme.sps $HOME/chezscheme-lib

Finally, we export it


Date: 2022-01-14 Fri 00:00

Author: Lîm Tsú-thuàn