NOTE: write your resume in LaTeX

First of all, a resume should reduce the job that HR has to do, stop ruining your resume is a good article you should read first if you have no idea why you want to use template resume. A resume should be modified for every particular job, thus, I would make a collection document about all my projects, experiences, etc. Reassemble them into a new resume for that job, to get it done fast, LaTeX is a good choice. LaTeX also makes sure producing stable pdf files is easy. Let's get started!

I recommend you use tectonic for the following work. At least the resume I show you here is ok to compile with it, it can reduce your job a lot.

Thanks [cite/t:@wdv4758h] for recommending tectonic

Now, a good start is made by Anubhav Singh, and I make some changes to make them easier to maintain

% Resume Template
% Author : Anubhav Singh
% Github : https://github.com/xprilion
% License : MIT

\fancyhf{} % clear all header and footer fields

% Adjust margins
% Sections formatting
}{}{0em}{}[\color{black}\titlerule \vspace{-6pt}]

We would need some new commands

% Custom commands
    \textbf{#1}{: #2 \vspace{-2pt}}
    {#1 \vspace{-2pt}}
    \begin{tabular*}{0.97\textwidth}{[email protected]{\extracolsep{\fill}}r}
      \textbf{#1} & #2 \\
      \textit{#3} & \textit{#4} \\

Finally, start writing resume


\begin{tabular*}{\textwidth}{[email protected]{\extracolsep{\fill}}r}
  \textbf{{\LARGE Your name}} & Email: \href{mailto:}{[email protected]}\\
  \href{your site url}{Site: your site} & Mobile:~~~your phone \\
  \href{your github url}{Github: you github} \\

      {Your school}{school location}
      {Degree and your department}{date start to end}
      {\scriptsize \textit{
        \footnotesize{\newline{}\textbf{Courses:} courses you take.}

%%% TODO


Now run tectonic resume.tex to view some results. Then we add something at TODO place, notice if you were missing something below, just skipped them.

1. Skills Summary

I highly recommend only putting those you very experienced here.

\section{Skills Summary}

2. Experience

Put every experience up, unless you have already worked for more than five companies.


I recommend you also organize experience like this, as I say, you might need to ignore some experiences when applying for certain jobs.

2.1. In each experience

% experience/xxx.tex
{Position (Kind: Part-time, Fulltime)}{date start to end}
\textit{\newline{} What you doing here}
  \resumeItemWithoutTitle{First achievement.}
  \resumeItemWithoutTitle{Second achievement.}
  \resumeItemWithoutTitle{Third achievement.}

3. Projects

As experience section, but you are likely to have more projects than experiences, so breaking them down for selection is a good idea.


3.1. In each project

{\href{project url}{project name} - Short description}{Language/Technology}
{(Status) sentence level description.}{date start to end}
%% If you want to explain more, write here

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Author: Lîm Tsú-thuàn